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Modern Look Security Screen Doors presents Crimsafe Fixed Window Security Screens, the ultimate solution to keep your windows safe from various threats, including golf balls, weather elements, burglars, and more. Discover the peace of mind and protection these screens offer for your home.

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Locked-in Security

Crimsafe Fixed Window Screens are designed to be locked in place, making them a popular choice for high-ceiling or specialty-shaped windows. Protect your windows and your home with the added security of fixed screens that deter intruders and safeguard against external hazards.

Custom-Fitted Precision

Each Crimsafe fixed window screen is custom-made to fit your window frame perfectly. Our made-to-measure approach ensures that every screen is tailored to your specific window dimensions, providing a seamless and secure fit for enhanced protection.

Fall Prevention

Ensure the safety of your loved ones, especially children, on upper levels with Crimsafe Fixed Window Security Screens. These screens provide an additional layer of protection against falls while allowing fresh air and natural light to flow through your home.

Energy Efficiency

In addition to security benefits, Crimsafe Fixed Window Screens offer energy efficiency advantages. They block up to 53% of solar heat gain and 62% of UV rays, helping to regulate indoor temperatures and reduce energy costs.

Why Choose Modern Look’s Fixed Window Security Screens?

Custom fitted to your window frame

  • Locked-in security for peace of mind against intruders and external hazards.

  • Custom-fitted precision for a seamless and secure fit on your window frame.

  • Fall prevention features to keep children safe while enjoying fresh air and natural light.

  • Energy-efficient properties that block solar heat gain and UV rays, promoting comfort and cost savings

Choose a frame color to match your style

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