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At Modern Look Security Screen Doors, we understand that protecting your home should never compromise your family’s safety. That’s why we introduce Safe-S-Cape Security Screens, designed to combine the renowned strength of Crimsafe with a quick and easy exit strategy in case of emergencies.

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Safe-S-Cape Window Security Screens

Unique Single-Action Release System

Our Safe-S-Cape security system features a unique single-action release system that runs the length of the window. This innovative design allows for a simple and quick exit at the push of a button, ensuring that anyone in your home can operate it effortlessly during emergencies.

Keyless Exit

Safe-S-Cape Security Screens eliminate the need for keys. You can unlock them from the inside with the push of a button, providing the most effortless exit possible. Choose between our outswing options or inquire about our Ultimate inswing windows for added convenience.

Custom-Made for Perfect Fit

Each Safe-S-Cape Security Screen is custom-made to ensure the perfect fit for your windows and your family’s emergency escape plan. Our made-to-measure approach guarantees that your screens are tailored to your specific needs, providing peace of mind and enhanced security.

Energy Efficiency

In addition to safety features, Crimsafe’s Tensile Tuff® mesh used in Safe-S-Cape Security Screens blocks up to 53% of solar heat gain and 62% of UV rays. This makes your home more energy-efficient, reducing cooling costs and environmental impact.

Insect Protection

Safe-S-Cape Security Screens not only lock out flies, mosquitoes, and unwanted intruders but also provide a convenient way out for your family in case of emergency. Enjoy enhanced security and peace of mind without compromising on comfort and convenience.

Why Choose Modern Look’s Safe-S-Cape Security Screens?

Custom fitted to your window frame

  • Combines renowned strength with easy and quick exit in emergencies.

  • Keyless operation for effortless unlocking from the inside.

  • Custom-made for a perfect fit tailored to your family’s needs.

  • Energy-efficient Tensile Tuff® mesh for reduced solar heat gain and UV rays.

  • Provides insect protection while ensuring a convenient emergency exit.

Choose a frame color to match your style

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