Security Doors

Keep your family safe inside and unwanted visitors outside with our range of security doors that are custom-made to suit your home and lifestyle needs.

Security Screen Door

As an authorized dealer for Crimsafe Security Screens we have the ability to offer you a wide variety of security screen door colors, style, and strength. Getting your security screen door customized to your specifications won’t be an issue. While we strive to bring you the very best in security screen door quality we are best known for our high level of professionalism, craftmanship and customer service.

Our range of Security Doors

Hinged Doors

Boost your frontline defences. Keep your family safe inside and unwanted visitors outside.

Sliding Doors

A stylish way to protect your home from intruders and insects, without hiding the view.

Stacking Doors

A neat way to create stacks of living space with the versatility of letting the outdoors in and better access

French Doors

A seamless security solution without the need to compromise on style, that keeps your home and family safe and sound.


Secure the widest of indoor or outdoor spaces with our multi-panel, bi-fold security doors.

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Crimsafes Hinged Security Screen Doors

Crimesafe uses state of the art technology to create a high quality security screen door that does not skimp on design aspects that make them look as amazing as they are built. Most standard built security screen doors will not stop or detour a seasoned professional burglar from attempting to break into your home. That is one of the primary reasons Crimsafe designed their custom-made Hinged Security Screen Door. These doors have a range of unique security and design features including secure hinges and a three point locking system aimed at preventing any burglar from entering your home through an improperly protected door.

Crimsafes Sliding Security Screen Doors

These doors combine strength, style, and operational ease into one outstanding sliding security screen door. With Crimsafes patented attention to detail and security while not forgetting the value of functionality has created a beautiful line of sliding security screen doors. With a variety of styles and colors to choose from let us help you make your outdoor space look great while keeping your indoor space safe and secure.

Crimsafe Stacking Security Screen Doors

Do you love the look and versatility of stacking doors? The Crimesafe stacking security screen doors offer the perfect paired solution which will transform your doorway from a welcoming open space into a completely secured location in just a few seconds. These doors can provide the safety and security you desire without confining or restricting air flow or natural light. With Crimsafes custom features your doors can be configured to lock in the best way to suit your opening needs including in the center or on the left or right door jambs. By interlocking each panel at the edge of the frames meeting point Crimsafe has provided an additional layer of safety with secure connections.

Crimsafe French Security Screed Doors

French doors though beautiful and stylish are viewed as easy targets by many burglars who see their unique design as an easy access point to your home. With their more open design qualities French doors can provide would be intruders several areas within the doors construction to exploit. With Crimsafe French Security Screen Doors these access points have been fully considered and accounted for with a system that offers a bolted top and bottom feature on one screen while the other locks directly into a three-point locking mechanism. With a design that replicates the form and function of your French door you will not have to sacrifice style for security.

Crimsafe Bi-Fold Security Screen Doors

Let the outside in by opening your home to the outdoors without sacrificing your homes security. With so many homes combing their indoor and outdoor space into an all-encompassing space Bi-Fold security screen doors are just the thing to provide a sense of safety in such openness. These doors are used most in areas that have decks, enclosures, patios, and other outdoor spaces with active usage. With several options available that can be fitted to either an existing door or a stand-alone security screen system you are sure to find the right fit for your home.

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